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Monday, August 23, 2010

kerja kursus open source LA2.S05.1

Meaning of open source OS

An open source (OS) operating system is a set of programs that schedule tasks, allocates storage and presents a default interface to the user between applications. But this OS is free, user have the right to use, modify and redistribute the software for better interoperability.



Linux is very similar to other operating systems, such as Windows and OS X.Linux is developed collaboratively, meaning no one company is solely responsible for its development or ongoing support. Companies participating in the Linux economy share research and development costs with their partners and competitors.

The favorites Linux OS is Linux Ubuntu, Linux Redhat, Linux Caldera

Other example of open source OS

GNU/Linux(same thing) There's: Red hat, Ubuntu, LFS(Linux from scratch).

This all the example, find the details about it and explain it.

Meaning of open source Application software

Open source, as its name implies, means providing the software itself, along with the source code of it, free for distribution, compilation, modification and reuse at no charge or restriction. Its the kind of initiative usually and volunteer work, like the Firefox project, and the famous Apache Foundation.

Pervasive Computing

The trend towards an information environment in which users have access to ICTs throughout the environment. This trend is particularly associated with the growth of wireless technologies that allow users to access online information and services remotely and synchronise data between different computers.

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